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What Is Functional Medicine?

At Enhanced Wellness Living we look at medicine from a different perspective.

In Functional Medicine we treat the person, rather than the disease. We look at you as a whole, and your health throughout your entire life, to understand and eradicate the root cause of your symptoms and to create a lifestyle of wellness, energy, and longevity.

Family Nurse Practitioner and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Kelly Engelmann, and the EWL team partner with you to develop a personalized individual Wellness Plan to create sustainable lifestyle habits for you to Live Life Well!

We believe that in order to achieve your health and wellness goals your Wellness Plan must be in congruence with your beliefs and values.

With our support throughout your Wellness Journey, you will become intuitive in understanding your body’s needs, what fuels you versus what feeds discomfort and disease, and you will be empowered to take control of your health and life.

Your Health + Wellness for Life!

At Enhanced Wellness Living Functional Medicine Clinic we provide a personalized evaluation with education and support through a revolutionary, integrative, food-first approach to develop a foundation of health, vitality, and longevity for individuals and families.

You will understand why you are experiencing symptoms such as the inability to lose weight, exhaustion or difficulty sleeping, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, depression or anxiety, or the overall sense of not feeling like yourself.

Through education on our Foundations of Wellness - Nutrition, Detoxification, Hormone Balance, Movement, and Mindset, you will develop sustainable habits to create a lifestyle of wellness!

With inspiration, education, integrity, empathy, and balance our partnership and your Wellness Journey will empower you to take ownership of your health!

Specializing in food first healing, nutritional education, body composition, hormone balancing, inflammation control, detoxification, gut health, immune health, thyroid health, autoimmune diseases, fatigue and sleep support, hair loss restoration, sexual health, healthy aging and more!

Kelly’s genuine care and compassion, combined with a wealth of knowledge and proven experience differentiates EWL from ordinary practitioners. Kelly partners with her patients and at Enhanced Wellness Living YOU will be in control of your healthcare.

Kelly invests in cultivating her knowledge through hundreds of hours of continuing education to ensure that EWL remains a leader in the ever-evolving world of Functional Medicine.

"What I'm doing is figuring out, environmentally, nutritionally, hormonally, what's driving inflammation and helping patients redirect their lifestyle."


With years of experience in healthcare, a dedication to research, and the development of a food first approach to healing her patients, Kelly Engelmann founded Enhanced Wellness Living in 2004.

Focusing on eliminating the root cause of symptoms, and using nutrition and hormone balancing for healing. our practice has flourished. The EWL family has grown to include hundreds of patients who have experienced life changing results.

Leveraging our Foundation of Wellness-Nutrition, Detoxification, Hormone Balance, Movement, and Mindset, we guide each individual through a well-thought-out, customized Wellness Journey to educate and empower each person to take control of their health once and for all.

Kelly believes that a lifestyle of health and wellness has a ripple effect and knows that the tools she imparts on her patients impact not only the patient but their families and friends as well.

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Let food be thy medicine.